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Zurriburri Nº 0122. Short Story: The Night Of The Full Moon.

(miércoles 1 de noviembre de 2023)


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The story began on a full moon night. In a small village in Maine, a group of four friends decided to sneak out to see the full moon together. Once everyone was at the meeting point, Kyle, who declared himself the ‘leader’ of the group, started taking attendance and so he began writing down the names of his friends.

‘Okay, so… Stephanie? Yeah, you’re here! Diana, Jack and Macy are here as well.’ Kyle said.  Suddenly, Macy jumped as she came out with an idea. She suggested that they should go to the neglected mansion in their village, which was said to be haunted and was a great spot to watch the full moon. So they did.

The group of friends followed a narrow path surrounded by massive trees. When they got to the house they realised all the trees nearby had been cut off and had been displayed in the shape of a circle surrounding the old building, which as in the middle. Diana wasn’t too sure whether they should go in or not.

‘Guys, are you sure this is a good idea?‘ she asked nervously.

‘Oh, come on, don’t be scared! We need to prove the older kids that we are better. Don’t we guys?‘ Macy said in a confident tone.

Diana finally gave in and they all started walking towards the mansion.

‘Hey guys! How about playing hide and seek for a while before watching the full moon?‘ suggested Jack. They agreed. Then Stephanie offered to count outside.

‘One…, two…, three…‘ Stephanie started counting.

Kyle pushed the door open and they all ran into the house to look for a good spot to hide.

When the friends entered the house to find a place to hide, a little candle lit up in the corner of the hallway.  

‘This is really creepy!  Why didn’t we bring any flashlights?‘ Diana gasped.

‘Hmm, you’re right Diana. It’d have been a great idea!‘ Jack answered. Then, they all walked along the hallway looking at old pictures that were hanging on the walls.

‘Forty-five, forty-six, forty-seven… almost done counting guys!’ yelled Stephanie from where she was, when suddenly, out of the corner of her eye, she saw a light step behind her. She quickly turned around to find out who was behind her, but there was no-one. Meanwhile, inside the mansion Kyle, Diana, Jack and Macy decided to hide all together in a small room. There was a little table in the centre of the room and a painting of a soldier was hanging in the back wall.

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 Image 2. (Image with free license).

Stephanie finished counting and ran inside the house to look for her friends. An hour passed and she still couldn’t find them. Suddenly, she heard Macy’s voice and ran into the little room they were hiding in. 

‘Found you guys!‘ Stephanie shouted relieved. 

‘Yeah! But let’s get out of here! This painting is creeping me out!‘ Diana said.

Then, Kyle reached the door handle, but he couldn’t open the door. They panicked.

They heard some gentle steps behind them and when they looked back the man in the painting was gone. The next morning, all their parents looked for them and decided to call the police, but they were unable to find them. Now, everyone in the village thinks the soldier who lived in the house must have kept them. Since that day, everyone who goes in can never go out.


Autor: Julia Guadalajara Sanz, alumna de 2º ESO del IES Jorge Manrique.


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