El Zurriburri

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Zurriburri Nº 0087. Nowhere.

(martes 16 de noviembre de 2021)


They had been walking near the edge of the motorway for hours. Everything was as quiet as a mouse. They enjoyed the silence which flooded the atmosphere whenever they walked together. She, with her short summer dress as white as a sheet, was walking ahead of him. All their clothes were wet and they felt the tissue as part of their skin now, as proof that everything they had lived in that afternoon would be stuck forever in their veins.

"I feel so wholesome..." she muttered to herself.

"Thank you for all these good memories." he whispered to her even though they were alone in the middle of an abandoned road.


She then stopped, all of a sudden, in the middle of what they called Nowhere; that place between the sea and the city, where they felt that the world revolved around them, that they were the center of everything. Little did they know that the city was really a whole little planet which he and she made spin on the top of their heads, melting between the stars and the pink clouds. She looked back at him with the sweet smile that had been drawn on her face ever since the summer began, ever since they began. The sunlight painted her face gold, her eyes shining a little bit more than usual (she already had two green stars in her pupils, it couldn't make any more light, could it?). She looked so pretty, he thought. It was almost like a mixture of the Earth's sun and his moon, his moon of Nowhere; the two forbidden lovers making their lights kiss on her cheeks, forehead and lips. He suddenly felt the urge of being the Sun so he could kiss every inch of her and make it the most beautiful art the sky could make.


And that's how he knew he had fallen in love with the moon, his one and only moon. And he, the sun of Nowhere, was cursed by the passion of a love that only two things made impossible: the sky and the time.


Autora: Léa Voisin, alumna de 4º ESO del I.E.S. Jorge Manrique.

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